Monday, February 17, 2014

funny Personal Injury Accident Claims

A man describes an unhappy episode in his life, with the camera focusing first on his face. He is an African-American with a sad voice and sad eyes. The man describes how hazard brutally interrupted what might have been the game of his life, and you automatically pictures MBA scenes against the white wall behind him. You think that is a hospital wall, you believe that a remote controller is what an excellent athlete has left from his dynamic former life, and you sympathize.

But, as the camera backs off, and the story is more precise, your mental picture is contradicted. The wall belongs to a nice sitting room where this couch potato is perfectly happy with a joystick, not a remote controller in his hand, while depicting himself as a victim of his electricity provider. This hilarious commercial expresses credibly the ineffectiveness of serious solicitors when faced with imaginary trauma, but ends with a commonsensical advice which only reinforces the funny side: Don't forget, you need to be injured!

Apart from commercials, the internet presents curious readers with lots of funny quotes taken directly from real life reimbursement requests. The more serious the situation we perceive underneath, the funniest we find the way claimants expressed it. If these quotes are not faked, descriptions such as: "An invisible car came out of nowhere, hit my car and vanished", "A truck backed through my windshield into my wife's face", or the truly murderous "A pedestrian hit me and went under my car" have actually been written by legally responsible adults filling in claim forms.

Nevertheless, in a solicitor's office these twisted testimonies are no object of fun. Experienced solicitors know many of these apparently funny stories are the result of claiming, for the good reasons or not, very soon after the collision occurred. They are the direct expression of an emotional and mental gap between unwanted irreversible events and the natural incapacity of the involved to adjust.

When the person who is legally responsible for a mishap is equally or even more severely affected by its consequences than the victim, no one involved remains untouched. The solicitors might lack the kind of humor that we are debating here. But they will use all their skill, their legal experience and their capacity to handle sensitive events for turning apparently funny and in true terribly sad personal injury accident claims into legal formulas of restoring normality in real victims' lives.


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